More Stuff BYU People Like

Ethnic Food

Provo is a melting pot of cultures.  Not to be confused with other melting pots such as Salt Lake or New York, where you will find a gaggle of people from other cultures.  In Provo, you will find plenty of white, young adults who spent a few years abroad and came back cultured.  Often, with a few of their other cultured friends, they’ll rent a space or build a shack to start a restaurant selling the freshest cultured food with ingredients directly from the foreign foods aisle at the local grocery store.  Do you feel like Hmong food tonight? How about something Sri-Lankan?  Perhaps something Dutch? You got it!  But you better hurry since 9 out of 10 of these establishments won’t make it more than a year; especially when they relocate to certain housing complexes guaranteed to alienate their customer base.

Sometimes people consider themselves more cultured than they actually are.  Go ahead and ask someone what their favorite type of food is.  Common answers may include

  • “Mexican food is my favorite!  I always get the pork salad at Café Rio!”
  • “I love Chinese food so much!  The Orange Chicken at Panda Express is divine!”
  • “Most people don’t like sushi, but I don’t know why.  That California Roll was so good!”
Mexican food
That’s hilarious! We all love Mexican Food! Lolz

These people have obviously never been to a Chinese Buffet that reeks of fish and lacks Orange Chicken.  A common rule of thumb with Mexican Food in Provo is that if you don’t find yourself running to the toilet later in the day, it probably wasn’t authentic.

Not Buying Sport’s Passes

The last home football game of the season has passed, and just in time for basketball season!  This means there will be more opportunities for people to borrow your sports pass!  Usually a few days before game day, a few people will begin asking around for passes.  As game day approaches, the pleas will become more desperate and offers of baked goods will be offered (please see previous post about baked goods).  No one ever seems inclined to offer to purchase the pass for that day.  When people do request payment, those seeking are appalled that a friend would make them pay!  Yes, why should they pay for something that someone else paid even more money?  Life is unfair.

Utah Weather

It’s not that people like the weather here . . . except when they do . . . or don’t.  Utah weather is a love/hate relationship, and most people are pretty vocal about it.  Here’s a challenge: the next time you consider looking at forecast, pull up your social media.  Odds are, somebody has already vented about the climate.  Trends commonly follow the four seasons:

  • Spring: Pictures of budding flowers and trees, disgust at late winters.
  • Summer: #sunsoutgunsout, pictures at the lake, pictures at the top of a mountain, any national park
  • Fall: Leaves. Leaves. Leaves. Leaves. Leaves. Leaves. Leaves. Engagement pictures with leaves.
  • Winter: First snow of the season. Every time someone goes skiing, black ice

Throughout the year, there will be the occasional, beautiful sunset.  You’ll be able to see this sunset posted online with various filters.  With everyone posting, you’ll never have to go outside and enjoy nature for yourself again!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
You can’t get a filter like this outside.  Beautiful!

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