2018 Year in Review

Dear Friends, Family, and People that don’t fit in either category (specifically the growing number of people in South Korea reading this blog),

Now that the holidays are over and you’ve thrown away everyone else’s glossy Christmas cards, here’s one more you can print out to adorn your hearth – because I’d still rather not print them for you.

2018 was another year with 365 days, can you believe it? Matt is in his late-twenties now and still unmarried. But, since he doesn’t live in Utah anymore, no one actually cares and bothers him about it.  However, he did meet a nice girl named Olivia back in May who he’s still dating. Although he really likes her, he’s disappointed at no longer being able to tell neighbors back home he’s gay so they’ll stop trying to set him up – “YOU’RE single, SHE’S single, you’re perfect for each other!” His parents just want the gossip to stop.

I wasn’t always this happy though.


In January, I moved to Fort Worth from San Antonio to begin the residency portion of my program. Around March, after the initial excitement of a new job had worn off, I became very lonely. I needed new friends. I had a Movie Pass (back when you could still watch movies with it) and no one to use it with. Peter Rabbit is a bad enough film without watching it by yourself. Desperate, I joined the “Texas Mountaineers Association,” a group of nomadic 50-year-old advanced climbers, in an attempt to meet new people and see all the rock climbing opportunities Texas has to offer.

It turns out Texas doesn’t have much to offer, so we went to Oklahoma instead.

But with Matt’s limited PTO and inability to be 50 and keep up, rock climbing was not the right option at the time. So Matt impulsively traded in his rock climbing gear for a three-month membership to a Jiu Jitsu Gym. He quickly found out this wasn’t for him either.

Combining the thrills of extreme outdoor activities with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt

After attempting, and failing at numerous other hobbies including toy voyaging, newsraiding,  tree shaping , escapology, and extreme ironing, he resigned himself to baking the same cookie recipe every Friday night and watching Jeopardy. What a sad man.

[End Flashback]

Those were darker times. I’m doing much better now even though Olivia refuses to watch Jeopardy (when asked if she wanted her own section in this yearly review, she gave a very curt “No”).

To finish up my year, I graduated with massive amounts of debt my Masters in Healthcare Administration. I am terrified excited at the thought opportunity of beginning my loan repayment career and becoming overburdened by the insurmountable interest payments that lead me to lose everything I love until I find myself making the same cookies again on a Friday night and realizing there are no more Jeopardy episodes to watch because I’ve seen them all finding professional growth and success.

2019 promises to be a promising year. I’m hoping to finally meet my long lost relative from the Cayman islands who promises to change my financial portfolio. Since he reached out, we’ve been having a very pleasant email correspondence. In the meantime, if you need to get ahold of me, schedule an appointment, I use Outlook now.

Hoping this letter gave you something to enjoy in January,



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