Who Are the People in your Neighborhood?

As my time in San Antonio begins to draw to an end, I reflect back on the individuals who have made my time here memorable, forgettable, and regrettable. I won't be speaking about the primary characters who I normally interact with at school and church. Rather, this post focuses more on the secondary characters found … Continue reading Who Are the People in your Neighborhood?

Part III – There and Back Again: The Desolation of Bobcat

Where were we? Oh yes, if you recall, at the end of Part II, our heroes were finishing up from a long day of hurricane cleanup in the small town of Ingleside Texas. The work had gone well besides a close encounter with a crowbar and getting dumped on by hurricane water and cockroaches. Crazy, … Continue reading Part III – There and Back Again: The Desolation of Bobcat

Boots on the Ground, Roaches in the Ceiling

Please keep in mind that this blog is written as an outlet of satire and humor. My experiences presented here are insignificant when compared to those who were in the direct path of Hurricane Harvey. Part II Eager to let Bobcat take the sideline in this part of the story, I made my escape from … Continue reading Boots on the Ground, Roaches in the Ceiling

When Your Roadtrip is not Hecka Awesome

Do you want us all to die? My finger had been under this line in the book in front of me for the past hour and a half. For a week, I had been looking forward to some valuable time away from school to enjoy some personal reading from a book that had captivated me … Continue reading When Your Roadtrip is not Hecka Awesome

Is a Cruise for You?

If in your future are exotic locations, Such as Cancun or Mexico, assuming existing US relations. Unlimited food, tasting mediocre at best, That’ll send you straight to the toilet if it hasn’t been blessed. A week away from your children at home, Or bring them along and allow them to roam. Does any of this … Continue reading Is a Cruise for You?

2016 Year-End Review

2016 was a big year full of changes: new school, new state, and new socks.  In a year full of ups and downs, heartbreak and breakfast tacos, I always look forward to writing this year-end review, written in first and third person.  If you were hoping for a physical Christmas card to decorate your fridge … Continue reading 2016 Year-End Review

More Things Texas People Like

This post wasn't supposed to happen.  It is an uneccesary sequel, much like any Transformers movie or the last 7 seasons of Grey's Anatomy (really, all the main characters in that hospital keep dying, why would anyone want to keep working there?).  But since there appears to be a market for it, these posts will … Continue reading More Things Texas People Like

Things Texas People Like

Blogging is hard.  I haven't gotten to the point where hundreds of ideas just flow through my mind until I'm rolling in ad endorsements.  My primary forte has been finding groups of people to poke fun at and I quickly exhausted my resources of Utah county (although this election cycle provides plenty of new material, … Continue reading Things Texas People Like

Apathy and Uninformed Voters: Our Nation’s Downfall

  Almost 250 years ago, a distinguished body of men gathered together to lay the framework of what the United States is now built on.  This Constitution has provided order and government since and now stands as the supreme law of the land.  Majority of these men had taken part in the Revolutionary War ten … Continue reading Apathy and Uninformed Voters: Our Nation’s Downfall