2018 Year in Review

Dear Friends, Family, and People that don’t fit in either category (specifically the growing number of people in South Korea reading this blog), Now that the holidays are over and you’ve thrown away everyone else’s glossy Christmas cards, here’s one more you can print out to adorn your hearth – because I’d still rather not … Continue reading 2018 Year in Review

Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year when we make the same resolutions as last year and ultimately set ourselves up to fail once more!  You’ve had 11 months to think about where you went wrong last year and how to become the new, best self you’ve never been. Start with the excuses you made last year: … Continue reading Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

A Year End Review

  What an eventful year it has been!  I am so grateful to Facebook which reminds me that one of my biggest events this year was purchasing a shirt displaying a cat in an astronaut (a cat-stronaut, if you will) suit. #blessed Similar to the individual who writes the family updates, this year-end summary will … Continue reading A Year End Review