Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year when we make the same resolutions as last year and ultimately set ourselves up to fail once more!  You’ve had 11 months to think about where you went wrong last year and how to become the new, best self you’ve never been. Start with the excuses you made last year: … Continue reading Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

Even More Stuff BYU People Like

This is the stunning conclusion to the trilogy that no one really asked for, but got anyways.  It’s like the Transformer movies.  No one really likes them, but they’re popular and people keep showing up so they keep getting made.  Really the only difference is I don’t waste my $200 million budget (I also don’t … Continue reading Even More Stuff BYU People Like

Stuff BYU People Like

After spending five years as a student in Provo, you become attuned to the peculiarities and odd fixations of the students and people in the area.  However, you don’t need to have spent that long here to notice the Stuff BYU People Like. If that phrase rings a bell, it’s because it's a popular knock-off … Continue reading Stuff BYU People Like