Gifts for Him and Her? How about gifts for Singles?

This is the first Valentines Day I'll actually be spending with someone. It almost happened back in 2009, but the girl I was dating at the time broke up with me on February 13. It was fine. I was still able to enjoy all the cliches I had purchased beforehand, including eating the entire heart-shaped … Continue reading Gifts for Him and Her? How about gifts for Singles?


It’s that time of year again; when the lines are drawn for one of the most divisive standoffs of the year that is even more intense than the #teamedward/#teamjacob debate of the Twilight era, more trivial than the blue/gold dress debate of 2015, and more petty than the current Republican debates.  It’s the time of year … Continue reading Valentines

A Year End Review

  What an eventful year it has been!  I am so grateful to Facebook which reminds me that one of my biggest events this year was purchasing a shirt displaying a cat in an astronaut (a cat-stronaut, if you will) suit. #blessed Similar to the individual who writes the family updates, this year-end summary will … Continue reading A Year End Review