The 2017 Year in Review

Love and loss. Travel and food. Heartburn and indigestion. Weather. These are a few words that stand out and define the past year. 2015 involved Matt interviewing and exploring different options for graduate school. 2016 was the year of moving to Texas and beginning school. 2017 is the year of completion, seeing Matt finish his … Continue reading The 2017 Year in Review

When Your Roadtrip is not Hecka Awesome

Do you want us all to die? My finger had been under this line in the book in front of me for the past hour and a half. For a week, I had been looking forward to some valuable time away from school to enjoy some personal reading from a book that had captivated me … Continue reading When Your Roadtrip is not Hecka Awesome

More Things Texas People Like

This post wasn't supposed to happen.  It is an uneccesary sequel, much like any Transformers movie or the last 7 seasons of Grey's Anatomy (really, all the main characters in that hospital keep dying, why would anyone want to keep working there?).  But since there appears to be a market for it, these posts will … Continue reading More Things Texas People Like

Things Texas People Like

Blogging is hard.  I haven't gotten to the point where hundreds of ideas just flow through my mind until I'm rolling in ad endorsements.  My primary forte has been finding groups of people to poke fun at and I quickly exhausted my resources of Utah county (although this election cycle provides plenty of new material, … Continue reading Things Texas People Like